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Freskon 2022 Elios participation
After 3 years, due to Covid-19, Freskon is back, and Elios will participate at 6th International Trade show for Fruits and Vegetables in Thessaloniki.
You can find us at Pavilion 15 Stand 18.
FRESKON 2016: Upgraded the presence of AC ELIOS ...

Successful was this year's presence of A.C. ELIOS at the 2nd International Exhibition of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, FRESKON 2016.....

ELIOS participates in Freskon 2016, find us at Pav.15 stand 59!
We are happy to inform you that for the second consecutive year, ELIOS...
In a few weeks pomegranates ELIOS will be with you.....
A few weeks remain until the start of harvesting for the variety "afrata" which is known...
FRESKON: A.C. of Elios was there…
With its own stand, Agricultural coop of Elios gave the "present" the exhibiton FRESKON.
Fresh Elios Fruit juice at PUBLIC CAFE
A promotional event with fresh pomegranate juice was held at PUBLIC CAFE Syntagma by ELIOS.
The Agricultural Cooperative Elios in PUBLIC stores
For the second consecutive year, the Agricultural Cooperative ELIOS and the PUBLIC stores...
Elios Pomegranates in the Central Market of Athens
It's October and the sweet Elios pomegranates arrived in the Central Market of Athens...
ELIOS pomegranates arrived in Thessaloniki!
This year's ELIOS promotional campaign took place in the Central Market of Thessaloniki and focuses on ELIOS pomegranates.
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